I’ve been trying to start this blog for the past week or so, and Writer’s Block has been rearing her ugly ass head and convinced me to delete every work in progress that I kicked off.  It’s ok, it’s all part of the creative process, and when the block broke yesterday, an almost orgasmic wave of relief hit me…inspiration was back baby!

I had started with this whole, seemingly profound exposition on how it’s ok to be a nerd these days, and back in my day, it wasn’t, so I was treated like shit.  Instead of sounding all inspirational, it sounded more like I was a whiny bitch, complaining about my childhood and how no one liked me.  So what, my childhood sucked, and maybe I will go into it at some point, but not today…I am not going to feel sorry for myself and attempt to get you, my reader (I’m assuming at this point that the only one who might read this is my wife) to feel sorry for me too.

For the uninitiated, I am Jason Helton.  I’ve seen things, you people, wouldn’t believe…just kidding…sort of.  I am a Geek, just ask my wife.  I am a geek who gets bored easily, hence why I’ve had so many careers/projects/evil schemes.  I’ve been a musician (because really, who hasn’t), I’ve rehabilitated dolphins, produced and hosted radio shows, been in a movie (a real one, not some student film…Ladder 49, but don’t blink, you’ll miss the 2/3 of me that’s on screen for .25 seconds), owned a laser tag, sold pinball machines, and a few other things.  But that was then…

These days, I have a mundane day job…I fix computers for a big medical company.  I hate it, to be fair, but it pays the bills and so I endure.  My creativity is sated these days by writing, something that started out as a hobby, then moved on to getting published, then moved even further to actually getting paid to spout off at the mouth.  I have high (and slightly delusional) hope that eventually I could do this for a living, but until then, I remain content to spread the Gospel of Geek to all those who choose to listen.

So if you decide to come here more than once, you will find things like the following:

1. Links to my articles on different publications (because I’m a shameless attention whore)

2. Articles that didn’t get published elsewhere (either because they suck or I didn’t submit them to the right place)

3. Opinions on all things Geeky (because you can’t be a geek without some kind of opinion)

4. Essays that might not be geeky, but might be interesting all the same.

5. Little tidbits of self-help for people who, like me, don’t quite fit in.

One thing you will find, I write totally from the heart, a tree hugging hippie way of saying I pour a lot of emotion into my writing.  Fair warning, you might come to the blog to laugh only to walk away crying or something, so no refunds (like the time I witnessed a lady demand a refund at the theaters for Titanic because she didn’t know the boat sank).

So…if you want a little glimpse into my nerd writings and rantings, check out the following websited:

For classic Jason rantings, check out http://www.denofgeek.com.  It’s a British nerd culture website that is pretty badass.  Some of my articles include an Obituary for the Title Sequence, a Memorial for Carl Macek (Producer of Robotech), and my investigation of the mythical game of doom, Polybius.  Also, if you would like a glimpse into my psyche, check out my series on a personal weight loss journey to hell, the WiiFit Challenge.  You might learn a lot about me, and have a few laughs at the same time.

For my more recent stuff, check out Village Voice Media’s ToplessRobot.com and JoystickDivision.com.  At TR I write the occasional Daily List, where I occasionally have the opportunity to get snarky.  Joystick Division is centered on video games, and I’ve done a few different things for them.  If you want me to write for you, just ask, I’m always looking for jobs.  If you want me to stop writing, just ask, I’ll ignore you, unless you have a truly compelling argument.  Otherwise, sit back, relax, and let’s try to have some fun.

(To steal my fathers phrase)

Your Friend and Mine,